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"Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy" 
- Max Mayfield, Director National Hurricane Center

We have produced many preparedness articles to help you. Please click from the categories below to find the articles that fit your interest. You may use them for non-commercial applications. Every effort has been made to be accurate in the information presented. 

Information provided is not comprehensive but designed to give helpful hints and suggestions. Any ideas for more articles please email us at help@disasternecessities.com

March Newsletter
Recipe Contest, Augason Specials, Organic Food, 72 Hour Kits
Recipe Contest

Recipe Contest: By sending your best Food Storage Recipes to help@disasternecessities.com you will be entered to win a 1 Month Supply of Food ($364.95 value). Plus, the top three recipes will be posted on the DisasterNecessities website, blog, and Facebook Page. Deadline is 3/31/13 for recipe entries. Winners will be announced 4/15/13.

Augason Farms March 2013 Specials
Augason March 2013 Specials - You will save money on all Augason Farms food storage with Disasternecessities.com!  We beat Augason Farms own website as well as anything on Ebay!
Apple Delight Drink Mix
Normal Price: $16.69
On Sale: $15.69
Freeze Dried Blueberries
Normal Price: $29.99
On Sale: $27.99
Garden Seeds
Normal Price: $26.25
On Sale: $24.26
Western Scone Mix
Normal Price: $8.99
On Sale: $8.09
Potato Gems Mashed Potatoes
Normal Price: $14.49
On Sale: $13.49

Freeze Dried Corn
Normal Price: $16.39
On Sale: $14.99

Cheese Blend Powder
Normal Price: $18.75
On Sale: $16.75

Pie Crust Gluten Free
Normal Price: $6.99
On Sale: $6.34

Featherlite Gluten Free Flour
Normal Price: $5.15
On Sale: $4.99
Breakfast Combo 6 Pack
Normal Price: $76.45
On Sale: $73.99
Organic Food Line
We have a new growing line of Organic Food Storage!  Check it out:  Honeyville Organic Food Line
72 Hour Kits
This month we are putting our most popular Mayday Urban Road Warrior Auto Car Kit on sale at a very low price of $47.99.  You simply can’t beat this price! (shipping not included).

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