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1 Month Supply Food Storage (18 Cans)

1 Month Supply Food Storage (18 Cans)

1 Month Supply Food Storage (18 Cans)
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Disasternecessities 1 Month Supply Food Storage

Disasternecessities presents the great tasting, high quality, low price Disasternecessities 1 Month Supply Food Storage

The DisasterNecessities name provides you protection, safety, and security with dedicated customer service.  Great tasting, high quality, low price Long Term Emergency Preparedness Disaster Survival Food Storage from Disaster Necessities. 
This 30 day food supply offers a heavy dose of freeze-dried foods and adds several dehydrated staples such as milk and granola to give you a truly useful supply of food. The supply is designed to offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 days with easy-to-prepare Mountain House and Provident Pantry Foods that include breakfast, dinner entrees, desserts and drink mixes. This supply is an affordable start to your food storage, offering both nutrition and easy preparation.

Contents of 1-Month Supply of Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Foods*
Chicken Entrée: Qty
MH Chicken a la King 1
MH Rice & Chicken 1
Beef Entrée: Qty
MH Beef Stroganoff 1
MH Beef Stew 1
MH Chili Mac 1
MH Lasagna 1
MH Spaghetti 1
Breakfast: Qty
PP Low-Fat Granola 1
MH Scrambled Eggs with Ham 1
Vegetarian: Qty
MH Instant White Rice 1
PP Dehydrated Refried Beans 1
Dessert: Qty
MH Raspberry Crumble 1
PP Instant Vanilla Pudding 1
Fruits & Veggies: Qty
PP Super Sweet Corn 1
PP Green Peas 1
PP Strawberries 1
Drinks: Qty
PP Instant Nonfat Milk 1
PP Orange Drink Mix 1
*Substitutions are of equal or greater value. 
MH = Mountain House® 
PP = Provident Pantry®

Earthquake – Tornado – Hurricane – Tsunami - Fire – Terror – Flood – Zombie Apocalypse
Are you prepared?

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