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What is the Best / Cheapest Instant Dry Powdered Milk?

This article is current as of July 2012.  Note the prices can and do change frequently!

Jason here talking about Milk!  Powdered Instant Milk is perennially one of our best sellers on all our platforms, but people often have a lot of questions about it.  Particularly now that we sell so many different brands of it, the questions I see the most is which one costs the least and which one tastes the best?

I’ve compiled a chart below that shows all the nonfat dry powdered milk we sell, and the column to the right shows how much the milk costs per ounce.  This chart is very educational.  Over and over I’ve heard from customers telling me they believe Augason Farms is the lowest price milk manufacturer.  But the chart shows that per ounce, Provident Pantry takes the prize with their FS P520 Superpail!  The HIGHEST price actually goes to Augason's Farms Augason Dairy 78716-09024 Everyday Sized Can!

Manufacturer Product SKU Ounces Cost Cost per Ounce
Provident Pantry Provident Pantry SUPERPAIL Instant Non-Fat Dry Powdered Milk - 29 pounds FS P520 464 $119.95 $0.26
Provident Pantry Provident Pantry SUPERPAIL Instant Fortified Dry Powdered Milk - 21 lbs FS P750 336 $94.95 $0.28
Provident Pantry Provident Pantry Super Supply Of Instant Nonfat Powdered Dry Milk (3 Cases of #10 cans) FE M710 1008 $309.95 $0.31
Provident Pantry Provident Pantry Instant Powdered Nonfat Dry Milk - 56 ounces #10 Can FE M700 56 $17.95 $0.32
Harveston Farms Harveston Farms Instant Non-Fat Dry Powdered Milk 6 Gallon Bucket Harveston SP10 464 $149.94 $0.32
Provident Pantry Provident Pantry Super Supply of Instant Nonfat Fortified Dry Powdered Milk FE M760 756 $245.95 $0.33
Provident Pantry Provident Pantry Instant Nonfat Dry Fortified Powdered Milk - 42 ounces FE M750 42 $14.50 $0.35
Augason Farms Augason Farms Country Fresh Farms Instant Dry Milk - #10 Can Augason Drinks 00946-90620 29 $11.25 $0.39
Augason Farms Augason Farms GF Country Fresh Farms 100% Instant Non-Fat Dry Milk  6 Gallon Pail Augason 6 gallon 78716-90882 224 $91.65 $0.41
Harveston Farms Harveston Farms Nonfat Dry Powdered Milk - 6 #10 Cans Harveston CASE17-HF 288 $119.93 $0.42
Provident Pantry MyChoice Instant Nonfat Dry Milk – 14 oz FH D300 14 $5.95 $0.43
Provident Pantry MyChoice Instant Nonfat Dry Fortified Milk – 10 oz FH D250 10 $4.50 $0.45
Harveston Farms Harveston Farms Non-Fat Dry Powdered Milk, #10 Can Harveston DH36 48 $21.93 $0.46
Honeyville Honeyville Instant Dry Powdered Non-Fat Milk Honeyville 792-126 28 $14.69 $0.52
Augason Farms Augason Farms Country Fresh Farms 100% Instant Non-Fat Dry Milk Everyday Sized Can Augason Dairy 78716-09024 8 $4.95 $0.62

What about Taste?

So we know who is cheapest, but which one tastes the best?  Unfortunately, taste is... well... a matter of taste! Talking to you, my friends, I have people that love all the brands.  Some prefer Provident Pantry, some Augason, some Harveston Farms, some Honeville!  Generally, powdered milk tastes like skim milk. If you like skim milk, then you will like powdered milk. We have sold it for over two decades and my friends love it. Remember you can mix the milk with extra powder and get a taste closer to 2% milk.

What is the shelf life?

Did you know that Instant Non-fat Dried Milk can be stored for 20+ years? A recent study by Brigham Young University cited that even the “worst” sample of milk, stored for 29 years in a relatively high oxygen environment, was given a 63% acceptance rate for drinking in an emergency and a 75% acceptance rate for use in recipes. Obviously, you can feel confident that the milk you are storing, in a cool dry place and nitrogen packed, will serve you well for many years.  Yet you get contradictory information.  Provident Pantry says:  If properly stored its "best if used by" is up to 13 years. Its ability to be "life sustaining" is up to twenty. After this time minerals and carbohydrates may still be available to preserve life.  Harveston tells their milk lasts 25 years.   Augason says up to 10 years.  Honevilley says theirs lasts 3-5 years.

All of them say you need to store it in a cool, dry place! The most important factor in determining the shelf life of your storage is temperature! This factor is completely up to you. Keep your food in as cool and as stable a temperature as possible, 72 degrees or lower. Basements are ideal.  

What is the difference between Instant Nonfat Dry Fortified Milk and Instant Fat Free Powdered Milk?

You my friends have indicated that Provident Pantry® Instant Nonfat Dry Fortified Milk is just as delicious as our Instant Fat Free Dry Milk but is a little more creamy tasting. For extra nutrition, the fortified powdered milk is specially formulated with 10% Vitamin A, 25% Vitamin D, and 5% more calcium and 2% more Vitamin C per serving than our regular milk. Each #10 can of the Fortified milk makes 48 one-cup servings while the Instant Fat Free makes 72 one cup servings.

Why do you not offer dehydrated 2% or whole milk?

Fat dramatically reduces the shelf life making this an impractical option for longer term food storage.

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