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Alternatives to Obamacare

By Jason Francis Smith

I saw a blog post today in the Weekly Standard called: A Winning Alternative to Obamacare.  You can read it if you like, just click on the link.  Yet the interesting thing about the whole thing to me is how it relates to the preparedness industry.  So conservatives are putting forth alternatives to Obamacare, and it shows you how foolish they have been for so long.  One of the reasons Obama succeeded in passing his healthcare bill is that he HAD A PLAN.  We might not AGREE with the plan, but he took the initiative, he pushed it forward, he set the agenda.  What did conservatives do?  Were they the leaders on this issue?

See what I'm saying?  It's about being prepared.  The world can and will do things to you... but if you get prepared, YOU SET THE AGENDA.  I think this concept is worth contemplating for every American in this great country of ours. I'm not taking sides here... I'm saying someone grabbed the bull by the horns and made something happen.  We can do the same, in our own lives. 

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