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World water shortages reported

So isn’t it great, you get up in the morning, go to the bathroom and start your day. You might first use your toilet, flush it and then brush your teeth and shave. Up next, you take a nice long hot shower. You move to the kitchen and fill your water bottle for the day and head off to work. Now I won’t begin to trace how many times during the day you will use water again but I think you get the picture.

Imagine a scenario where you water was drastically limited or worst yet you had no water. Could this actually become a reality? At his time in history we are becoming more and more dependent on our water sources at a time where there are fewer and fewer to draw from. In a salon.com article written just this month it was stated that world’s water shortage looks unsolvable. There are 4 billion people  along who contract intestinal diseases from unclean water alone and roughly 2.2 million deaths a year in children under five from this problem. A potential crisis is about to occur in Pakistan who is now considered one of the most water stressed countries in the world. Thought a countries water supply show be at least 1,000 days of reserve, Pakistan’s’ water supply is down to a dangerous 30 day supply.

Last year alone, the US invested more than $700 million in global water activities. The problem with this is that its funding the world, not the US. Of this money 27% of the funds went to sub-Saharan Africa.

Additionally China and India are now coming up short on their water supplies because of climate change. With the populations of those countries, the demand gets higher and the supply gets smaller.

Even with all of this attention very little has been accomplished. Our own water supplies in the US are now at danger and we are still trying to fix the world’s problems with our first fixing our own backyard.

As we all know its not just the water shortage that will get you but as the supply becomes less available the price increases. As the price increases it has a marked effect on the cost of raising crops. There are now advocates that are pushing for the Water for the World Act  which  could provide clean water and sanitation  for those in need.

Now for a look at our own house, even though water is about 70% of the earth’s surface, only less than 15 of that water is available for human use. Since the demand for water has tripled in the past 50 years we need to start looking at what we can do at home. The average home of four people can  consume an average of 400 gallons of water, each and every day. Now think about that and  how  much water you currently have stored. It really makes you think that we do not have near enough water storage. Nearly every region of the US has experienced some water shortages and at least 36 states are anticipating waters shortages on the statewide, regional or local levels in 2013. This will occur even under non drought conditions.

The EPA has developed a partnership program called Watersense http://www.epa.gov/watersense/. This program was developed to help educate and provide ways to conserve water and many different levels of help.

So where do you stand? Did you know it was that bad? You probably didn’t and knowing doesn’t really make you feel much better but at least you have been warned. Now armed with this knowledge, what will you do?

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