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Syrian gas attack

Ok so it just keeps getting messier over there. Sure, no one wants war or people to suffer but the reality is that this is not the only thing that motivates countries that are not involved in the conflict to become involved. Syria was really of no concern to the US until it looked like the government was in trouble. Why would the US all of the sudden care about Syria or its people? Well it all comes down to control. You see the US has what they consider to be ally countries and foe countries. These lines often become blurred and sometimes the friends become enemies and the enemies become friends.

Take the example of what has been going on in Egypt lately. We supported one leader and he gets overthrown and then another leader gets voted in (by democratic vote and we like that) but he is not the guy we really like so “somehow” he gets overthrown by the military. Let’s not forget that we support that military with an estimated $1.3 billion dollars last year alone. So why would we give the Egyptian military all of this money. Hmmm, follow the money.  The Egyptian military comes to the US to train and we make money on that. Never mind the fact that the military buys its arms from the US and we make money on that. Also be aware that it’s a hornet’s nest over there. Egypt still remains as only one of two Arab countries that have made peace with Israel along with Jordan. Their reward for this, No other country with the exception of Israel gets that much money.

So back to Syria, they have not been an ally of ours and if the government changes the questions remains as to who goes into power. We of course want to be there to have some say in the outcome of the new regime.  Could Syria become a new ally of the US and bolster our strength in the Arab region and possibly become another country to make peace with Israel? Well in a nutshell that’s what we hope for. Don’t let it slip away that we have become involved in other countries problems with the same goal. Have you forgotten about Iraq and Afghanistan? The jury is still out on those nations but I will tell you, it hasn’t gone well.

So now we are faced with the possibility that “someone” has used poison gas. Was it the rebels, the Syrian government? I really don’t know but one thing is for sure, if we have a chance to put in on the government of Syria then by gosh that’s what we will do. Hey I think they probably did also but that’s not what’s important. What is important is that we get another ally (government we can control) on our side. I don’t have a strong opinion about that but what I do have a strong opinion about is what’s important to the average American. Do you know what is important to most Americans? Well I feel it’s the price of gas at the station and how much government handouts they can get. You think I am wrong? Ask most Americans about some of the things I write about in this article and see if they know about allies, aide and alliances. I bet you will be shocked how out of touch most Americans really are. I bet most Americans could not even find these countries if you handed them a map and it wasn’t labeled.

I realize that my readers are of the prepared and informed type and I am not speaking about them. I’m speaking about the majority (hope I didn’t offend you when I said that), that are not prepared for survival, don’t work hard and generally are a “give me” society who wants more government to take care of them. As for me, I’ll keep preparing and educating myself for what will sure to be major “uncomfortable” changes for most Americans. Wow it’s great to vent!

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