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Guns Banned - Chicago

So do you think gun laws are getting stricter? Does it seem like they don’t want US citizens to have access to firearms? Well if you feel this way, you are not alone and you are also correct. There is a direct “assault” on people who want to legally arm themselves and protect their families, businesses and self.

More and more loop holes are being used to prevent you “the legal sane citizen” from exercising your constitutional rights. Just last week on 9/11/13 the Chicago City Council voted to ban concealed weapons in many liquor businesses. As we all know Chicago is famous for two things and one of them is not pizza. Chicago is home of some of the strictest gun control laws in the country and they are also home to extremely high rates of murder and shootings including 500 murders in 2012 alone.

The City Councils response to poverty, lack of education, lack of family structure and poor policing is to solve the problem by taking away guns from responsible citizens who choose to own a gun legally. What they don’t say is that most of these murders and shootings are perpetrated by criminals who do not abide by the laws already in place. The Council said that bullets and booze do not mix. Ok, so if you are in an establishment that serves booze and you enter one of these establishments and are minding your own business and your life is threatened, what do you do? The answer is simple; you get shot by someone who ignores these laws on a regular basis. They even went so far as to say that they have hired a Chicago based law firm to defend the decision when and if the NRA (national rifle association) tries to sue them. To put icing on the cake they mentioned that they can afford to do so because the law firm has agreed to do so on a pro bono basis.

The way the new law will work is that businesses that serve alcohol are required to place a sign in the window banning guns on the premises. In effect any business could put this sign in their window but the way this law works is to “force” businesses that serve alcohol put this sign in the window. This law would not apply to liquor or grocery stores that sell packaged liquor. This law will also not apply to any business that has sales of alcohol that represents less than ½ of the establishment’s overall sales.

As dumb as it sounds, Chicago’s murder statistics have drawn national attention due to the all of these murders that have occurred in the streets, so they decide to ban guns in business where almost none of these crimes occurred. So what’s the message to the criminal groups? Go to a business that serves lots of alcohol because NO ONE will be armed! Yes they are NUTS!

City Council members also voted last Wednesday to impose stricter penalties on anyone who commit a crime with a gun within 100 feet from a public transportation center. They say this will ensure “safe passage” for kids and adults who use public transportation.  In the words of Alderman Pat Dowel “We are sending the message that we will not tolerate any violence around our students”. Is this guy for real? Does he really believe that if they impose a 100 foot limit, that the criminals will stand back and shoot from further away.

Let’s face it, the problems with these neighborhoods are not that they are lacking laws, they are lacking families. There are single parents (usually women) raising kids without any rules and no view for the future. What SHOULD be done is to start programs to fix the problem at its core. Education, mentoring, jobs and real hope for a future will  be the only hope for these areas that offer no real way out for these  very impressionable kids. You have to get to them early, educate them and show them a future. Laws don’t fix families.

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