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Healthcare.gov Hacked?

So with or without funding, the affordable healthcare act has begun. You probably know this as “Obama care” because our current president wants to be known for something I guess. After failing to follow through on most if not all (in some small part) of his campaign promises, he just won’t let this one go. You can get opinions from both sides as to if it will work or not but one thing you can be assured of is that when government gets involved, it doesn’t normally lead to “cost savings”.

On Tuesday 10/1/13 this fiasco of a program was supposed to go into effect. When people tried to go to the site to begin their “government controlled” healthcare program, they were met with the very first challenge, they couldn’t even get on the site. Instead of admitting that they didn’t prepare properly for this crazy scheme, they blamed the republicans for hacking their site and then said it didn’t work because it was so successful that it crashed the sites. Hmmm, really? Only this current administration could have the audacity to say that their failure showed it was a success! Let’s not forget what healthcare.com is really for. It’s a site to provide information about healthcare and to direct people to the appropriate sources to get more information. You mean to tell me that it’s just an information site and they can’t even get that right? If they can’t adequately give information about their program, how in the world are they going to run the program?

If there truly is a weakness in the system, it’s not the website, it’s the program itself. Really, you tell me what you are supposed to do. Who is required to get insurance through this program? Can you keep what you have? Will the rates change? Will your coverage change? Did you know you can be fined under the new system if you don’t pay the premiums that are now law? Did you know that the fines are almost equal to the premiums?

So when did all of this begin about 2 years ago? So if in the past two years the administration has not even began to educate the public about a “law to have heath care coverage”,  and now her we are beginning a program that no one understands, everyone knows will cost us more and we are going to get fined for a program that we have not even been educated about? This is like getting pulled over for speeding on a street with no speed limit signs! How can this happen? Well the answer is quite simple my friend, people voted for change and that’s just what they got. The problem is that change is not always good. Change for change sake is just change and what we got with this administration is just problems and more problems.

Try to remember when you enter the voting booth in the next election what happened the last time the public listened to a slick talking, over promising politician who acted more like a movie star than anything else. Let’s not get taken in again, not that I voted for this but maybe some of you did. To answer the question about hacking, we got hacked! One day before the implementation of the program, guess what the most popular search on the program was……”How to Get Exemption From Lack-of-Coverage Penalty Fee?”

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