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Miley Cyrus making U.S. look bad

If you haven’t had the chance to check out a video of Miley Cyrus’ collaboration with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV MVA’s your eyes should be thanking you. Thickes’ summer sensation “Blurred Lines” certainly makes you want to dance . . . but not like that. The former Disney star has done a complete 180 with her racy outfit, twerky dance moves and downright off-putting mouth gestures. Is this how our current generation of tweens and teens are acting?!

An often but fleeting thought is how our country appears to others around the world. Our politicians and celebrities are the focus of media not just in our country but in many other countries and this is what they see. They see Presidents, Mayors and Congressmen in sex scandals. They see a fascination (one I don’t really understand) with the Kardashian family. And now they see Miley Cyrus embarrassing herself and others on stage with her grotesque display of hypersexuality. US Weekly reports that Thicke is bummed over being overshadowed on his big night and he probably wouldn’t have included Cyrus if he knew she would out act the way she did.


There are people starving around the world, people homeless, people who are dying from preventable diseases, and here in the U.S. we choose to flaunt our lavish lifestyles and sing songs saying “I’ll do what I want” (thank you again Miley). The rest of the world has to see our country as a complete joke. We had it all, freedom from Britain, a lavish land that was fertile; we had “The American Dream”…for a while at least. But we have squandered it, taken it for granted, and now we are left with an out of control government, most of the country living in poverty, and all we seem to care about is what the hottest celebrity is tweeting.

We were once a world super power. The rest of the world actually looked to us as an example, asked for our help and valued us as an ally. It’s a depressing fact, but we are a joke to the rest of the world and Miley Cyrus is just the latest in a long line of crazed celebrity acts, pinning our flamboyant culture with tags lines of what not to do.

This isn’t just my opinion either. The Huffington Post reported on a story that NBC produced just a year ago in conjunction with the BBC and World Opinion.org that clearly shows the rest of the world thinks we Americans are “over the top” and that America “has the most negative influence” on the rest of the world. Oh yeah, and the vast majority view China as the world’s leading economic power. Overall it isn’t just our political stance in the world, but our bad manners, disrespectful attitudes and overt sexuality that are off-putting to the entirety of the world.

As a society we are in desperate need of change. I just hope we can. Still want to see that video? Ok so click here and see what the rest of the world sees!

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