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Disaster Necessities
Legacy Premium Food Storage
Easy Storage
Intelligent Packaging
The great taste, preserved nutritional value and integrity of the Legacy Premium meals are maintained in large part by a unique packaging process, and it starts with Oxygen Absorbers and a Nitrogen Flushed Pouch. The packages undergo a unique process that removes the majority of residual oxygen, then immediately adds an oxygen absorber and flushes the Mylar bag with nitrogen, right before it is triple sealed. Legacy Premium residual oxygen levels are well below 2%, the minimum standard for food that will store long-term. This process ensures the characteristics of the food remain intact, making later preparation of the meal as simple as adding hot water.
The Mylar foil pouches used in the packaging process makes the meals easy to store and simple to prepare, while helping extend shelf life. With a traditional emergency food supply you might be forced to eat large amounts of one particular food to avoid spoilage after it’s been opened. But with the six-serving pouches from Legacy Premium you get the right amount every time you eat, with no excess or residual waste.
Easy Storage
Chances are good you’ll need a strong set of hands to move and open the traditional five-gallon buckets used for storing raw foods like rice or grains. That’s why we offer long-term food storage kits from Legacy Premium that come in compact, durable, BPA-free plastic containers that are stackable, lightweight and require less storage space. With an easy to open/easy to close re-sealable pull-tab lid, it's convenient to access the meals while keeping them safe and secure. And because the dehydrated meals average a net weight of four ounces, it’s trouble-free to move and transport a bucket of food whenever the need arises.


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