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Disaster Necessities
Legacy Premium Food Storage
Best Tasting
You buy food storage to keep you alive… but what about taste?  Well it doesn’t really matter does it?  When you are fighting to live, then it is only the calories that count.  But we hear at Disasternecessities also realize that to make Food Storage truly affordable you need to be able to use it.  Rotation is important, and if you are going to use it needs to taste good.

That’s why we went to the Chefs who produced Bear Creek and Sawyer’s brands (which are in grocery stores across the USA) and sing their unparalleled talent in developing gourmet taste while using only the highest quality ingredients they have created a delicious food storage lineup that includes entrees,  breakfasts, side dishes and drink mixes.

And guess what?  We sell a lot of food.  All of it is good.  All of it will keep you alive.  But some does taste better than others.  Put simply: Legacy Food tastes better than the others.  We’ve tested it… with our families. Our kids.  And if it doesn’t pass the kid test… we don’t sell it.  And all Legacy Foods pass the kid test.  This is good food, it will keep you a live, and it tastes really good.  I promise.  Give it a try!

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