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Twenty Five Gallon Water Kit - Boxed

Twenty Five Gallon Water Kit - Boxed

Twenty Five Gallon Water Kit - Boxed
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Twenty Five Gallon Emergency Survival Disaster Water Storage Kit - Boxed

In the end times, when the apocalypse comes, it's really going to be about the WATER STORAGE.  Emergencies, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes... zombies... all will require water storage.  Being serious here, water storage is clearly the most important thing you and your family will need in a disaster, and these boxes are great way to protect the ones you love.  Each kit has 5 boxes with a metalized 5 gallon water storage bag.  You fill the boxes with your own water, store them in your basement, stacking them up to 3 high.  The heavy duty boxes can also be used as portable toilets in a time of emergency, so they are even more useful. The best part about these is that they are cheaper to ship.  If you buy emergency storable water, you'll find out really quick how expensive it is to ship because they are so HEAVY.  These are light, because you fill the water boxes yourself.  Give them a try.  

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