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Super Nutty Granola, #10 Can

Super Nutty Granola, #10 Can

Super Nutty Granola, #10 Can
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•Servings: 21
•Serving Size: 1/2 cup
•Calories per can: 5460
•Weight per can: 3 lbs
•Estimated Shelf Life:
 ◦10 years unopened
 ◦1 year opened
Serve as breakfast cereal with hot or cold milk; serve with fresh or canned fruit. Use as a topping for ice cream, puddings, and yogurt. Convenient for backpacking, hiking, and snack food.
Many of our dehydrated foods have a shelf life up to 30+ years.
All are packaged in #10 cans = about the size of 1 gallon.
No refrigeration needed.
Each of our 56 foods are different. 
     Some you can:
          1. eat right out of the can
          2. add to recipes
          3. or rehydrate & cook
 Each can is packaged with an Oxygen Absorber that adds life and longevity to our products. This significantly extends shelf life and freshness. Our Oxygen Absorbers completely eliminate residual oxygen in our canned products, keeping them fresh and preventing discoloration. These Oxygen Absorbers are used widely in the Food Service Industry to preserve foods like beef jerky, nuts, grains, flour, and just about any dried foods.
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